ACUF understands the critical role Advocacy, Policy Analysis and Dialogues play in highlighting the needs, safeguarding the rights and participation of people with asthma, allergy and respiratory diseases. These diseases threaten society with increasing costs and can reduce quality of life and number of healthy life years for children and adults across the world.

A common concern among patients is that these diseases are not considered as important as other chronic diseases within the public opinion and among policy makers. This leads to ignorance about the causes and consequences of asthma, allergy, and COPD, which negatively affects patients and increases the problem over time. As a Foundation advocating for patients with asthma, allergy, and COPD, we aim to raise the profile of asthma, allergy and airways diseases, to position them as chronic and sometimes severe diseases among the public.

Our advocacy allows for constructive participation and integration of patients perspective in policy formulation. ACUF acts as a liaison between people with allergy, asthma and COPD and policymakers, enabling the patient perspective across the decision and legislative process.

We promote awareness of such impactful changes towards policy makers. We connect the decisions made by policy makers with real people through our network of patients and we bring back to the political representatives the results these decisions have in everyday lives.

Our advocacy campaigns also provide information and management tools to asthma patients, medical and health professionals and the general public on various innovative ways to manage asthma as well as new/emerging thinking in the health and other social sectors.

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