Venue: Elyon Hall, City Centre (near Golden Royale Hotel), Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria;

Date: Saturday, 16th February, 2019; Time: 9:00am



About this Course

Relationship management is the key to the success and sustainability of businesses, friendships, marriages, associations, and any other human endeavours.  This is so, because of the very delicate and unique nature of human beings, anchored on emotions. Love is one of the most outstanding emotions known to human beings. Unfortunately, this is the most abused by human beings; hence, the problems daily experienced in businesses, friendships, marriages, and other relationships.


In recognition of this very important subject, February 14th of every year was set aside as ‘Lovers Day’. Despite this annual ritual, there is a poor understanding of peoples’ sexuality due to either low awareness and lack of proper information or misconception of the definition and characteristics of love; especially in relationship management. This is evident in the frequency and number of failed businesses, broken friendships, marriages, and other relationships, at micro and macro levels.


Objectives of the Workshop

In addition to exploring the science of love, passion and sex and what creates the best environment for intimacy, connection and long-term relationship success, the workshop will focus on developing skills required to build and sustain professional relationships and networks.  Participants shall also learn how to coach and mentor others, manage conflict and build power and influence in the workplace. Specifically, the following shall be addressed during the workshop:


•          The Science and Challenges of Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex – Dating and Mating

•          How to set healthy boundaries in every relationship

•          How to stay single and sane and habits that could hurt relationships

•          How to solve relationship problems without breaking up

•          Young adult dating relationships and the management of sexual risks

•          Keys to building and strengthening workplace relationships


Workshop Structure

The workshop will be facilitated by authorities and experts in relationship management. The workshop will be a mixture of plenary sessions, interactive panels and informal chats. It will be structured to allow for a constructive, participative and interactive exchange of practices and experiences among all participants.


Workshop Participation


For registration, send either an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or SMS to +234 803 309 5266 with your full name and mobile number, as an expression to attend the workshop on/before Wednesday, 13th February 2019.  For more information call:  Divine Umealo – 08037201560 or visit:

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