Venue: Enugu, Nigeria; Date: Saturday, 1st December, 2018; Time: 9:00am


About this Course

Leadership involves the acquisition and application of some necessary skills, aside from the common characteristics and traits of a leader (dependability, self-confidence, flexibility, etc.). A leader is required to think critically and creatively, make decisions, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. Critical, creative and entrepreneurial thinking are useful in every sphere of life and are not innate skills, but, skills that can be developed by anyone through learning and refining over time. Individuals with strong critical thinking skills are a very valuable resource to nations, teams and businesses. Critical thinking, creative capacity, and entrepreneurial confidence and mindset are necessary skills to build scalable startups that solve real societal problems. It prevents you from chasing every rainbow or going down dead ends. Entrepreneurial thinking recognizes that solutions to problems are not always found by picking apart analyzing ideas but in the investigation of the external world. It is an outward facing rather than an inward facing.


This workshop will, therefore, enable participants to explore critical thinking and the components, characteristics and qualities of critical thinkers, the skills and how they are applied to solve problems and to make decisions. In addition, it will expose participants to entrepreneurial thinking and help them develop entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours and encourage them to materialize unexplored business ideas into reality. Through varied activities, participants will enhance their critical, creative and entrepreneurial thinking towards finding solutions to identified challenges in the workplace and businesses.


Course Objectives

The objectives of the Course are to:

·         Explain the importance of critical thinking;

·         Identify core skills associated with critical thinking;

·         Promote critical, creative and entrepreneurial thinking as a valuable process in solving problems;

·         Select specific critical thinking tools and its roles  in meeting business challenges;

·         Connect daily life and entrepreneurship;

·         Map the problems that young entrepreneurs are facing in startups;

·         Explore ways and processes to start your own enterprise


Course Participation


For registration, send either an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or SMS to +234 803 309 5266 with your full name and mobile number, as an expression to attend the workshop on/before Wednesday, 28th December 2018.  For more information call:  Divine Umealo – 08037201560 or visit:

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