Venue: Last Floor, 1A Chime Avenue by Otigba Junction (besides NUT House), Enugu, Nigeria

Date: Thursday, 2nd August, 2018

Time: 10:00am


About this Course

Your CV/Resume is the first contact with a prospective employer. As the first impression that an employer gets of you, it is the make or break of your job application and needs to be a carefully composed document---interesting to read, clear and concise. To secure a job interview, your CV/Resume is the only available information with which the employer can assess your skills and suitability for a job.

This workshop will lead you through self-assessment series and build your capacity to produce an effective CV/Resume and covering letter that will attract attention, create a good first impression, and enhance your chances of being successful in your search for a job. There is no need in having a killer CV that gets you to every interview when you also lack the skills to navigate questions that are asked of you during interviews. Therefore, this workshop will be run with Interview Skills Workshop which focuses on critical success factors for effective interviewing.

Course Objectives

§  Understand what comprises an effective CV

§  Write and edit your CV 

§  Sharpen your interview skills

Course Benefits

At the end of this workshop, participants shall:

§  Feel more confident in their preparation for a job application and interview

§  Produce a CV and cover letter to impress a prospective employer

§  Understand the needs of their potential employer and communicate their skills and experience to fit those needs.


Participation to this training workshop is free of charge. Due to limited available space, this workshop can only accommodate thirty (30) participants. Participation shall be strictly on registration. Potential attendees to this learning workshop are expected to send either an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or SMS to +234 803 309 5266 with their full name and mobile number as an expression to attend the workshop on/before Tuesday, 31st July 2018. Please bring a copy of your existing CV if you have one.

Course Facilitators

Chiwuike Uba

K.C. Richards

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