Improving education levels around the world plays an important role in helping address many top global concerns facing the world. Therefore, to develop the breath of skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world and address these concerns, ACUF believes everyone has the right to quality education from early childhood development, to better schooling and youth workforce development. To ensure this happens, under the Basic Education Programmes, ACUF strengthens the skills and competences of the key players in the Basic Education system; the teachers, administrators, government, and community to enable them pursue lasting change to the educational system together. Most importantly, we consistently help teachers/instructors improve how they teach students. 

In recognition of the evident weakness in the ability of many universities to train students in skills essential to the 21st century and technology driven workforce, even when higher education is seen as the surest path out of poverty and to a better life, we work with higher education systems and individual institutions, to improve lives and generate thought leadership among the students and for the communities. We work to develop effective, highly regarded and influential leaders in education practice, policy and scholarship in the context of globalization. 




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