Bringing Youth to Services Programme recognized the importance of any individual; hence, aim to give every youth equal opportunities in life regardless of personal circumstances. YouServ works in and with schools, religious organizations, families and other Organizations to engage or re-engage youth back into education or secure alternative education, training and job opportunities. We create new environments that are inclusive, safe and able to encourage learning and development that significantly build youth confidence, skills and opportunities.


The YouServ also strive for an equal and just society where every youth has access to healthcare, education, rehabilitation and support to become active participants in the society. 


The following are part of the projects and activities under the Bringing Youth the Services Programme:

 Youth Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

 Music Concerts and Festivals

 Youth Mentoring Scheme

 Youth Sports Project

 Community Projects

 Youth Centres

 Education and Skills Development Project

 Youth Social Enterprise








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