ACUF is focused on improving asthma, allergic and other respiratory diseases awareness and understanding (including advancing basic and clinical research to prevent, treat and cure these conditions). ACUF uses the media (electronic, print and social media) to create awareness on these diseases. These include live radio and tv phone-in programmes, production and distribution of newsletters and factsheets and facilitation of conclaves with champions/asthma advocates, religious and traditional institutions. ACUF works with decision-makers, policy makers and other stakeholders to help shape debates, legislation and regulation that impact people with asthma, allergic and other respiratory diseases and participates in the national policy-making process to influence public policies and identify priorities on a broad set of issues. We advocate for the implementation of strategies and initiatives that benefit people with asthma, and work with politicians, policy makers and third party organizations to ensure that asthma is kept high on the agenda.


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